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Hypnobirthing Class


The Little Birth Company’s Hypnobirthing Programme is a complete Birth Preparation Programme aimed at supporting you to plan for a calm, confident & positive birth.

We have over 125 instructors across the UK, USA, Dubai, Norway and Australia - to find an instructor in your area click here. Classes are available online and in-person where it is safe to do so. 

The Little Birth Company programme will support you regardless of where or how you give birth, we give you the confidence to plan for your best birth and the tools to manage the birth should your journey to birth need to change at any point.

Classes will:

  • Support you to release any fear you may have about childbirth and encourage you to adjust your mindset so you are focused on a positive experience.
  • Teach you to trust your body, your instinct, and your baby.
  • Give you great techniques for your birth partner to use so that they can support you, remain calm and enjoy the experience with you.

Are you ready to get the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to have a positive birth?

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